What to Expect

Welcome to Cryotherapy!

On this page we outline the basic concept of cryotherapy, give you some tips to make your sessions comfortable for you and give you guidance on what to expect and wear.

What is Cryotherapy?

Immersing the body in a whole-body cryotherapy chamber, containing super-cooled air, brings about tremendous benefits to our wellbeing.

Exposing our skin to these temperatures brings about a series of physiological reactions, that help the body to repair, recover and reinvigorate.

A drug-free intervention, cryotherapy offers so much to enable sufferers of particular ailments to receive relief, athletes to perform at their optimum levels for longer, and help promote wellbeing through relaxation and stress relief.

On Arrival

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During Treatment

  • Once ready, you’ll wait outside the chamber room until a minute or so before your session starts

  • A member of the team will welcome you into the chamber room to queue up your chamber music (if applicable) & ensure you’re wearing the correct attire

  • We may also take some surface temperature readings from various spots on your body

  • Once the previous client has come out of the chamber, you’ll de-robe and enter ready for your treatment

  • A member of the team will check on your progress via a microphone linked to the chamber and will also remind you of the time remaining at 1-minute intervals and again at 30 seconds

  • You can leave the chamber room at any time just by pushing the door

  • Once your time is up, you’ll exit the chamber and immediately be handed your robe

  • You’ll be shown to the post-treatment room to change

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your session

  • Access reception through Chris Rees Academy main entrance where you’ll be welcomed by a team-member

  • Re-read the health disclaimer and sign in

  • You will be given a basket with the following items: - beanie*, gloves*, knee-socks*, slippers, mask* and a robe*

  • Men remove all clothing except underwear

  • Women may wear a non-underwire bra and shorts/pants or bikini

  • Get changed into the provided kit in the pre-treatment changing room

  • No make-up must be worn

  • Contact lenses can be worn

  • Clients must remove all jewellery or other metal on their body

  • Clients must be 100% dry before entering the chamber

  * You are welcome to bring your own

Post Treatment

  • Yous are encouraged to engage in 5 to 10 minutes of light exercise post-cryotherapy treatment

  • Drink more water than usual to aid the detoxification process

  • Enjoy a rejuvenating deep sleep that night, reduced pain, improved mobility and all-around good mood!

*Drink more water than usual to aid in detoxification post-treatment