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Freeze with a Friend

Experience Whole Body Cryotherapy with a friend. Two people can fit in our CryoChamber so why not bring someone along and save? 


In fact, we recommend having company as it's a welcome distraction & an energising experience that must be shared!  


You can even connect your phone via Bluetooth to pump tunes to bop to while you're in the chamber! You'll come out feeling euphoric, invigorated and in an all round good mood!

Cryotherapy is also a great morning-after cure due to it's anti-inflammatory effect eliminating headaches and general listlessness! 



Performance, Health and Well Being

1 session will recharge energy levels and vitality, reduce fatigue and muscle pain, provide a boost in hormonal activity, increase mental focus as well as promote restorative sleep. 

Whole-body Cryotherapy provides immediate pain relief, reduction in inflammation, improving anti-oxidants and increasing beta-endorphins. Studies have shown that cryotherapy has a positive effect on the immune-system.

Post-treatment, users report a feeling of euphoria, with a surge of positivity and feeling completely refreshed & invigorated. Just 1 session is enough to recharge those batteries, increasing energy levels and general wellbeing. Cryotherapy literally chills you out, enabling a deeper and relaxed state of mind, helping your body to fight any negative effects of stress, depression and anxiety.



The benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy are most effective with repeat sessions so why not save money with our reduced price packages:

Starter Package

4 Sessions for £100

Pain Relief and Muscle Recovery Package

5 Sessions for £125

Anti-ageing and Skin Care Package

10 Sessions for £250

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